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K Frame electric meter overbox

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As electricity meters often are located on the outside properties, they are placed and secured inside electricity meter boxes. These meter boxes protect meters from the weather and vandalism. Although Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) meter boxes are strong and durable, they are not immune to damage due to vandalism or by a loose door getting caught by the wind as well as general wear and tear.

The Tricel’s K Frame electric meter overbox is designed to repair damaged or broken electric meter box units. The K protector frame is a cost-effective overbox solution.

Important notes:

  • The GRP overbox are suitable for GRP meter boxes and not suitable for metal meter boxes.
  • They have been designed for electric meter boxes and are not suitable for gas meter boxes.
  • Ideal for recessed meter boxes, they are not appropriate for surface meter boxes.

The benefits of using a K Frame electric meter overbox


Most of the time electricity meter boxes perform well on residential houses, but a damaged or missing door or a broken box can leave the meter open to vandalism or the rain. Replacement of a meter box door is easy; however, if there is substantial damage to the ESB meter box, then a K Protector Frame is the answer to your problem.


ESB approved

Our over boxes including K Frames have been designed in conjunction with the ESB and approved by the ESB Networks.


Ease of installation & costs saving

With the K protector frame, a competent person/DIY’er can carry out a permanent in-situ repair to broken ESB electricity box at a fraction of the cost. Going ahead with a complete meter box replacement could cost hundreds of euro as the electricity supply would have to be disconnected. The K Frame electric overbox perfectly fits over the existing and damaged recessed meter box, eliminating the need to cut the power supply at any point. The result is a repaired meter box that is as good as the original box.


See below more information specific to both of Tricel’s K Frame electric meter overbox.

GRP architrave over box door and frame (701 x 504mm)

Meter box cover to fit recessed meter boxes. This cover comes with a tapered back, which can be tapered to fit Wavin, Medium Permali and Tricel meter boxes.


  • Height: 701mm
  • Width: 504mm


Material specifications:

  • Made from strong & durable SMC
  • Complete with hinges, lock and key
  • Sealant and self-tapping screws included


Product code: EB0025, View brochure & installation procedure

Electric meter box cover (large) or outer frame & door

Ideal fit over existing recessed electric meter box.

Suitable for the following boxes: Electric meter box (large 3 Phase recessed) product code: EBP0013 and M00036 Mitras 3 Phase electric meter box.


  • Height: 795mm
  • Width: 565mm
  • Depth: 30mm



  • Flush fitted
  • Made from GRP
  • Complete with a turn key lock and key


Product code: ED0007, View brochure & installation procedure

How to install a K Frame electric meter overbox?

Simple to install, there is no requirement to remove the damaged box, nor to employ the ESB or an electrician to disconnect the meter. The K Protector Frame overbox fits easily in place.

Fitting instructions for GRP architrave over box door and frame (701 x 504mm) EB0025
  1. Clean the inside of the frame of existing meter box with a cloth.
  2. Apply silicone around the frame of the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Architrave Overbox. Put the nozzle of the cartridge touching the architrave edge. Apply a thick bead of silicon.
  3. Apply a thick bead of silicone on the top and bottom corners.
  4. Slide the Overbox in place into the existing meter box (check that the Overbox is in its correct orientation).
  5. Drill 4 holes with a diameter 3.5mm drill bit in the moulded
  6. Secure the Overbox in place with self-tapping screws provided.
  7. Attach the meter box door to the GRP Architrave Overbox and close.

Watch our video for full instructions on “How to fit a Tricel GRP Architrave Overbox (Meter box cover)

Fitting instructions for Electric meter box cover (large) ED0007
  1. Position the over-box to cover the existing meter box. The removal of the existing architrave of the meter box may be necessary.
  2. Mark the four holes in the brickwork/plaster.
  3. Drill the brickwork/plaster and, using appropriate Rawl plugs, screw the overbox onto the wall using the (40×3.5mm) screws provided.
  4. If necessary, apply sealant around the edge of the frame.


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