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Wholesale & Trade Meterboxes

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Tricel manufacture a wide range of gas and electrical meter boxes for commercial, residential and also industrial use. Our offerings also include a wide variety of spare parts for repair and maintenance. On top of supplying the more commonly requested gas meter and electric meter box door replacement we also stock and supply a range of smaller replacement parts. The following list gives insight into our offerings.
Over-boxes and covers: These are the complete door frames, as well as the door, and are for replacing the entire frontal section of the units. This over-boxes and covers come in a variety of dimensions (all dimensions are internal dimensions). Electrical: Large – 707 x 478, Flush Fitted – 597 x 402, Architrave – 707 x 504. All units are a highly durable GRP construct and come complete with locking systems and keys.

Meter box keys: We stock and supply a range of spare keys for both gas and electrical units. These are available in small, or bulk amounts. The smaller packs consist of 2-units, while the large bulk packs contain 50. These are applicable to the majority of meter box units.

Pipe and cable covers: These are covers for the riser poles or cables which link to the internal workings of the meter boxes. Pipe and cable covers are suitable for both gas and electrical units and are constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) meaning they are resistant against corrosion and rusting. The size range includes, Gas: 1m, 63mm, and 32mm –  Electrical: 32mm.

Door locks and repair kits: These are available in singular units or in bulk. They are purchasable in both nylon and aluminium. Each door lock kit contains a wavy washer, a star lock washer and a lock. Kits are also available which include box keys and hinge pins.

Hinges: Stainless steel and brass hinge pins are available for all meter boxes. These are also available in singular units.

Hockey sticks: Hockey sticks are constructed from UPVC and are for use in internal cavity walls. Their dimensions are 1200 x 480mm, are black and weigh 0.55g.

Plugs, studs & spigot: Smaller items are also available in our spares range, such as 2-inch plastic plugs, surface mounted gas meter box cover fixing studs and also spigots.

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