Meter Boxes

Meter Box Replacement Doors

Tricel manufacture a wide range of enclosures and meter box door covers for the UK and the Irish market.

The range of products which we produce are compatible with nearly all meter boxes which are in use. 

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Meter Boxes

Meter Box Replacement Doors


Our production experience within this particular market area spans over 25 years and our products are produced to the highest standards.

Our facilities are equipped with industry leading technology, and continues investment in innovation has assured the we use the most modern and up to date moulding process systems and injection presses throughout the product construction phase.

The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which is used to develop such products means that each range is extremely durable and hard wearing, making them resistant to all weather conditions with a weatherproof rating of IP65. Such attributes have made them ideal for the housing of electronics and electronic equipment and have been employed for a range of uses.

The range of Meter Box Replacement Doors

The electronic and gas meter box door collection is available in a large array of offerings. One such option consists of a transparent construct which allows for the viewing of sensitive equipment which may be housed within. Over time the dimensions and specifications of meter boxes have changed, particularly in relation to domestic builds.

Tricel’s Meter Box Direct Online Shop offers a range of products which aims to cover this entire spectrum, making such meter box door replacement hassle free. To view the range in its entirety please click the link to the online store at the bottom of the page.​

Gas & Electric Meter Box Doors Replacement, the standards:

All our gas meter box doors are compliant to Bord Gais code of practice DO/DS/S/MB/002 and their GRP construct means that all our products can be easily cleaned and painted.

The doors we supply for electric meter boxes are compliant to industry specifications and are fire retardant to ESI standard 12-3 April 1986.

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Further information about Meter Box Replacement Doors

Further specifications in regards to technical information, product features, instillation, and the various sizes available can be found within the Meter Box Direct website.

Our Meter Box Direct site also offers a range of products which includes electrical cabinets, pole top street lighting boxes, repair kits, hinges, keys, and much more.

Our product range is currently on offer to customers in Ireland and the UK only. If you have enquiries for a purchase order outside of these parameters please contact our sales team for further assistance.

If you have any special requirements relating to a custom designed enclosure, please do not hesitate to inform our sales department and we will be happy to discuss your needs and to develop a solution.

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