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What Type of Gas Meter Box Do I Need for My Home?

Tricel is industry leaders in the production of both wall mounted and recessed meter box enclosures and spare parts. As well as being the main supplier for domestic and utility application in Ireland, we also supply a vast range of market leading utility suppliers within the UK market. All units are constructed from highly durable and weatherproof GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).

When to use, wall mounted and recessed meter boxes.

Gas Networks Ireland own, operate and maintain the natural gas network in Ireland and connect all customers to the gas network. As the industries governing body they have approved two types of gas boxes for domestic use in Ireland.

These include:

  1. Recessed meter boxes for new builds.
  2. Surface meter boxes for existing builds.

Domestic Gas Meter Boxes – Recessed

The approved Gas Networks Ireland recessed design gas meter box is suitable only for the Irish markets. These built-in units are manufactured using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which makes them extremely durable and weather resistant. Due to the GRP material, each unit can be painted in order to suit the preference of individual consumers and tailored to home colour schemes if deemed necessary.

This type of meter box is installed within a wall cavity, or pillar enclosure, by the builder. It is highly important to make sure that both meter box and meter box housing are not being punctured in any way when recessed into the cavity wall as to allow gas to escape through the enclosure into the structure of the property.

Recessed meter box

Domestic Gas Meter Boxes – Surface Mounted

This form of gas meter box is designed to be mounted on to a house or boundary wall and is generally specified for the installation of meter boxes on pre-existing houses. Each unit is paintable and easy to clean and compliant with Board Gais code of practice DO/DS/MB/002.

Wall mounted meter box

Who carries out gas meter installations?

Gas Networks Ireland carry out and install all gas mains and services in accordance with latest Irish Standards:

  • (I.S. 329) Code of Practice for Gas Distribution.
  • (I.S. 265) Installation of Gas Service Pipes.

Irish Standard I.S.813: 2002 “Domestic Gas Installations” applies to installations downstream of the meter. This Standard is the code of practice for Natural Gas installation requirements downstream of the point of delivery and includes the requirements for meters, appliances and associated pipework in single and multiple occupancy dwellings. All of the above standards can be obtained from the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland). Telephone (01) 8073878. or www.standards.ie


For more information, please contact our sales team or visit our online Meter Box Direct store. All units should be fitted by suitably qualified professionals.

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