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3 phase electric meter box

3 phase electric3 phase electric meter box

Tricel has designed, developed and manufacture high-quality electric box, including 3 phase electric meter box. For more than 60 years Tricel, manufactured in Ireland & supplied industries all over Europe. Furthermore, our experience in the plastic industry allowed us to develop a high-standard product for both Individuals and industry.

Therefore, Tricel acquired the experience and the perfect technology for the electrical meter boxes.
The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) allows the products to be, incredibly strong, weather resistant, light in weight & highly durable. In addition, this material allows you to handle easily any of the damaged product because of its lightweight. The product made by GRP are fire retardant and easy to paint and clean. As a plastic, it has good electrical insulation properties.

In conclusion, Tricel deals with the best materials to offer you the best quality available on the market. If you need any information about electric meter box don’t hesitate to consult our brochures our to contact us directly.


Meter box electrical 3 phase surface


First of all, the 3 phase electric meter box is compliant with British and Irish standards (Complies with ESI standard 12-3 April 1986 & British Standard BS 8567: 2012).

In addition, the product is fire retardant, weather and corrosion resistant. Manufactured from GRP like all our meter boxes.

Furthermore, it is suitable for all the different meters (Prepay and smart ones included). As a non-metallic meter box, it does not interrupt the wireless signals for wireless meters. It is also composed of multiple cable entry position (to complete with a hockey stick that you can purchase from our online store).

All our electrical 3 phase meter boxes are delivered with lock, keys.


794 mm (high) x 565 mm (wide) x 190 mm (deep). The door is opened from the left side to the right (hinges on right).

The internal dimensions are:

  • 690 mm (h) x 465 mm (w).

If you want more information about this electric meter box, visit our brochure, our you can contact our sales team directly. If you want to purchase this product, visit our online store.

How to replace your electric meter box’s door?

  1. Insert the solid stainless-steel pin into the pre-drilled hole.
  2. Gently lift the door a bit so that the top hinge can be fitted in the groove made for it on the top side. Let both hinges of the door to go inside the predrilled holes in the meter box.
  3. Close the door
  4. Lock it

If you want to see the tutorial of most of the electrical door installation, consult our video below.

All the meter boxes must be installed by a suitably certified professional. Once again, if you need further information don’t hesitate to contact us, our entire team remains at your disposal.

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