Electrical Box

If you are looking for an Electrical Box, Meter Box or Enclosure, look no further. 

We, at Tricel, have a range of IP66 electric meter boxes in stock ready for you. 

They are all constructed from GRP, they are robust and will not rust. 

They can also be easily cleaned and painted. 

They are supplied with hinges, a lock and key.

Pole Top Street Lighting Meter Box IP65 Rated (360 x 252 x 140mm)

Electric Meter Boxes

We currently have the following boxes available:

  1. The 600 x 400 IP66 electric cabinet
  2. The 360 x 252 IP66 electric cabinet
  3. And it’s pole mounted version
  4. The 300 x 250 IP66 electric cabinet
  5. The 400 x 300 IP66 electric cabinet
  6. The 540 x 270 IP66 electric cabinet
  7. The 800 x 600 IP66 electric cabinet


Those are ideal to protect meters, equipment, instrumentation, compressors, etc from the outside (rain, dust, etc).  

Examples of possible usage include: indoors in factories or outdoors, pole-mounted for street lighting.


Electrical Enclosures or Kiosks

They are all made of GPR. They can be installed on concrete, or on a plinth

Their depth is 300mm and they have various lengths and widths, they come as single and double doors. See below our offering.


Single door electrical enclosures or kiosks


Double door electrical enclosures or kiosks


Examples of usage include CCTV systems, lighting systems, automated gate systems, wastewater treatment plants, and many more. 


Accessories to the enclosures are the GPR Plinths, ideal for easy access to the kiosk, future-proofing and inspection made easy and protecting against floods.

Out best sellers are:

With almost 50 years experience of manufacturing products for the Construction Industry, Tricel also supplies a range of specialist Industrial Enclosures to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We have been critical supply partners to ESB Networks and Gas Networks Ireland for many years.

Our range is suitable for most Electro-Mechanical Industrial applications including street lighting, machinery, alarms, agriculture, lighting, barriers, compressors and so much more.


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