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Replacement doors

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Wholesale & Trade Meterboxes

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Replacement doors

Tricel manufactures innovative products including meter boxes and replacement doors for meter boxes. The company is a global provider of high quality product all over the world.
The company is providing a wide range of meter boxes that you can use for professional and personal use. To have an idea of our products range don’t hesitate to visit our online store.The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) that we use to create these products means that they are incredibly durable and robust. It makes them resistant to all weather conditions.

Our products have a weatherproof rating varying from IP43 to IP65. A score of IP65 means that they are highly resistant to foreign solid bodies and are protected against water spray (to have more information about ratings).Such material has made our products ideal to use for the housing of electrical and electronic equipment’s. Our products can be employed for a range of uses because of the impressive design and product features.

All our products are highly weather resistant and durable. Our products have very high strength to weigh ratio, however in outdoor environment the product can get damaged by vandalism or by severe impacts. Most of the time, the door of enclosure can get damaged by external intrusions.

For further information about replacement doors, don’t hesitate to check our brochure section below.

How do I replace a meter box door?

The first step will be ordering a replacement door on our online store (Door include Hinges, Lock & Key). Once you received replacement door you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the existing damage meter box door (by depressing the brass pin hinge using a flat head screw driver).
  2. Install the new door by holding it upright.
  3. Place the steel hinge into the pre-drilled hole (bottom of the box).
  4. Position the brass spring in the pre-drilled hole (top of the box) by depressing the pin using slat screw driver tip.
  5. When brass pin is near the top hinge-hole, remove screw driver. A slight push near hinge to align the hinge pin with hole will let the depressed brass pin to expand into the hinge hole.
  6. Open and Close the door to check fitting.

If you want to see the installation procedure, feel free to consult the video on our YouTube channel.

Gas meter boxes doors

Gas replacement doors

You can easily recognize the gas meter boxes by the “G” text embossed on the bottom of the door, as well as with the vents, which you can see at the top, and at the bottom.All the gas meter boxes doors are easy to clean.All our gas meter box doors are compliant with Board Gais Standards DO/DS/S/MB/002.

To get further information about the gas meter boxes doors you can consult the brochures section. If you want to purchase a gas meter box door, you can visit our online shop.

Electric meter boxes doors

Electric replacement doorsYou can easily recognize the electric meter boxes by the embossed or printed electric symbol on the door.The meter boxes are fire retardant and electrically non-conductive. The electric meter box doors are compliant to and fire retardant to ESI standard 12-3 April 1986.To get further information about the electric meter box doors you can consult the brochures section. If you want to purchase the electric meter box doors, you can visit our online shop.

All our products including doors are exclusively on offer for the customers from Ireland and United Kingdom.

If you need further information about any or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. All the Tricel team remains at your entire disposal.

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