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Tricel has developed a range of Fibreglass Kits to cover a range of repairs and applications. Tricel have more than 50 years experience with fibreglass materials and this experience is used to ensure its customers get the best Fibreglass Kits on the Irish market. Each kit will offer quality materials which offer professional finish for every project.The Tricel Fibreglass Kits are commonly used across the Flat Roofing, Marine, Pond Building and General Construction Industries to name but a few. Visit each Fibrelass Kit product below for further information regarding any of the Fibreglass Kits from Tricel.

All orders for Ireland are dispatched from Warrenpoint, Co.Down. This ensures speedy delivery to anywhere in Ireland.

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Fibreglass Roofing Kit

Fibreglass Roofing KitThe Tricel range of Fibreglass Roofing are provided in both a premium and low-cost version. Each kit provides Chopped Strand Matting, Resin and Topcoat. Each kit is available in 1 square metre to 100 square metres. Each Fibreglass Roofing Kit is suitable for use by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. For more information visit the Fibreglass Roofing Kit page for more information or visit FibreGlassDirect to buy online today.

Fibreglass Pond Kit

The Fibreglass Pond Kit provided by Tricel is one of the most comprehensive kits on the Irish market. Each Fibreglass Pond Kit is supplied with 2 layers of Chopped Strand Matting, Topcoat (with a choice of 6 colours) Lloyd’s Approved Resin and Tools. The range is available from 1 square metre to 60 square metres. Visit the Fibreglass Pond Kit page for more information or visit FibreGlassDirect to buy online today.

Fibreglass Boat Kit

The Tricel Fibreglass Boat Kit range spans from 1 square metre to 10 square metres. Each kit is supplied with an Isophthalic Resin which is both chemically and heat resistant. The kit also includes the standard 450g Chopped Strand Matting and Tools. For more information on the Tricel range of Fibreglass Boat Kits visit the product page or visit FibreGlassDirect to buy online today.

Universal Fibreglass Kit

The Tricel Universal Fibreglass Kit is a multipurpose kit suitable for different types of fibreglass builds and repairs including Mould Making, Hand Lay-up, Marine and Automotive. Lloyd’s Approved Resin, Fibreglass Matting, Tools and Topcoat (in a choice of 6 colours) are all supplied with this kit. For further information, visit the Universal Fibreglass Kit product page or buy online today from FibreGlassDirect.

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At Tricel we supply a comprehensive range of additional fibreglass products such as Resins, Topcoats, Gelcoats, Tapes, Chopped Strand Matting and Tools.

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