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Universal Fibreglass Kit

Multipurpose Fibreglass Kit

Universal Fibreglass Kit

The Tricel Universal Fibreglass Kit is a complete repair solution for general fibreglass repairs and building projects. This is one of the original Fibreglass Kits stocked by Tricel and remains one of the most popular product ranges to date.

The Universal Fibreglass Kit is suitable for marine, structural and industrial fibreglass projects as well as cosmetic mouldings. Its universal nature makes it suitable for DIY enthusiasts and Professional tradesmen alike.

It can be used for almost anything – no job too big or too small. Previous projects undertaken with this kit are roof repair, pond maintenance, down pipe and guttering repairs, car body work and caravan repairs to name but a few!

Universal fibreglass kit

Universal Fibreglass Kit Options

There are currently three options available within the Tricel Universal Fibreglass Kit range.

  1. Basic Repair Kit
  2. Universal Kit (with tools)
  3. Universal Kit (without tools)


Basic Repair Kit

The basic repair kit is supplied with one layer of 450g chopped strand matting, Lloyds Approved Resin and Tools. This kit ranges from 1 square metre to 5 square metres.

Universal Kit (with tools)

The Universal Kit (with tools) offers the user everything outlined in the Basic Repair Kit but includes a Polyester Topcoat / Flo-coat. There is an option of 6 colours to choose from including clear which may be pigmented if desired.

Universal Kit (without tools)

The Universal Kit (without tools) offers everything outlined above but excludes tools. Both Universal Kit options are available up to 20 square metres.

How to buy Tricel Universal Fibreglass Kits

Tricel Universal Fibreglass Kits are available through our e-commerce store, FibreGlassDirect. FibreGlassDirect offer an extensive range of fibreglass products, competitive prices and a fast delivery service throughout Ireland.

Buy Universal Fibreglass Kits Online

Visit our online shop, FibreGlassDirect, to have your Universal Fibreglass Kits delivered straight to your door.