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Wastewater Treatment Plant Troubleshooting

Tricel Novo

Troubleshooting your wastewater treatment plant

Properly installed, operated and maintained plants will give many years of trouble free service. All plants are fitted with an alarm, and a buzzer will sound to alert of a fault in the air blower and discharge pump. The buzzer can be muted until the problem is fixed. Once fixed, the alarm will reset automatically and the mute switch must be turned on. All electrical work shall be carried out by a qualified person.

Please note:
Before taking any corrective action, always positively identify the real source of the odour. Check if the odour is coming from another outside source such as a storm drain. All wastewater disposal plants vent gases back through soil pipe and out roof vents. Improperly installed roof vents can cause odour problems. Traps/U-bends in drains prevent odours from entering the home. To function they must contain water and be sealed correctly.