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Below you will find the explications about the secondary & tertiary wastewater sewage treatment.

packaged filter systems

Sewage treatment secondary & tertiary


Secondary Wastewater Treatment : First, the treatment process of wastewater improves the effluent quality of the discharge. This can be required due to the ground area and protected sites. Using a secondary treatment plant that filters and separates the effluent removes remaining solids via biological processes that treat dissolved and suspended organic compounds.

Tertiary Wastewater Treatment: Then, the tertiary treatment is the third stage of wastewater treatment. This can be required due to nearby waterways or protected ground conditions. Tertiary treatment is the final treatment phase. Improving the wastewater quality prior to being discharged to the environment.

Sewage treatment

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How a Puraflo Works

A Puraflo system is an advanced sustainable technology which is made up of modules. The filtration process uses peat fibre to break down the wastewater. It uses little to no energy and is an eco-friendly option for the treatment of sewage. Tricel Puraflo modules are for the use of secondary and tertiary treatment.

Tricel Puraflo wastewater treatment systems can be used as a secondary or tertiary treatment option, it uses little to no energy. Puraflo modules work with your septic tank or treatment tank. To summarize it is the ideal solution where a higher effluent treatment is required.

Stage 1. Primary settlement – Physical treatment 

1. Wastewater enters the primary chamber where the first stage of settlement occurs.
2. Solids sink to form a sludge layer at the base of the tank.
3. Liquid waste passes through a filter system into the forward feed pump station.

Stage 2. Puraflo Biofiltration – Secondary treatment

4. The liquid waste is pumped to the Puraflo modules.
5. Pipework arrangement at the top level in the modules equally distributes the effluent onto a naturally occurring filter media.
6. A mixture of biological, chemical and physical processes treat the waste as it filters through the media in the modules, achieving considerable BOD, SS and NH3-N reductions. The system is also extremely effective in the removal of enteric bacteria.
7. The treated effluent emerges from the modules through the outlet pipework for an approved disposal method.

Commercial Sizing 

This table indicates typical system sizes for sample population equivalents.

Population Equivalent (PE) Maximum Daily Flow (m3/d) Applied Organic Load (kg/day BOD) Number of Modules
20 3.6 1.2 8
50 9 3 18
80 14.4 4.8 28
100 18 6 36
150 27 9 54

Puraflo Commercial Module Specifications

Length 2150mm
Depth 760mm
Width 1400mm
Unit Weight (approximate) <700kg

Further Information and Pricing

If you require further information on our Commercial Puraflo treatment options don’t hesitate to contact our technical sales team who will discuss the best solutions for your needs.

Installation of a Tricel septic tank with Puraflo modules by Tricel.
Read full case study of a septic tank upgrade at Claran National School.

More information about the service agreements available by Tricel, how to maintain a Puraflo system and where to get Peat fibre from.

CASE study

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