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GRP Kiosk Price List

Tricel is a global provider of high-quality Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) kiosks. The material used in our commercial meter boxes provides excellent strength and durability to these products.

Indeed, thanks to that versatile material, all of our kiosks are:

  • water-resistant: IP43 or IP55 rating, following the current standards
  • durable: corrosion-resistant
  • strong: impact-resistant
  • thief-proof: the product is very secure with a triple lock system
  • easy to clean
  • paintable to suit your wishes
  • insulated, non-conductive and electromagnetic compatible

All our GRP enclosures are delivered flat-packed to Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK), but instructions to help you install your newly-acquired kiosk are available on our website.

We are also pleased to announce that we will soon provide a new range of pedestals upon which you will be able to install your kiosk. Of course, you can also install your kiosks on a concrete plinth, pole, footpath stone and so on..

In order to complete your kiosk, you can also purchase a backplate to which you can fix your electric meters, switch gears, etc.


Why Buy our GRP kiosks?

As the best GRP kiosk suppliers in Ireland, we provide our customers with quality GRP commercial meter boxes that have many different applications. In fact, they are very adaptable as they offer safe housing for different electrical equipment such as flow meters, data logging, radio telemetry, battery packs and many more.


Besides, our GRP housings are designed and manufactured to resist UV, fire and impact up to 20 Kilojoules (IK10). Moreover, as they are provided with their own stainless steel hinges, lock and key, you can securely lock your kiosk to prevent theft or the tampering of equipment which is stored within.


Finally, we offer a large range of kiosks in different sizes. In fact, our kiosks can either have one or two compartments, with one or two doors. You can view below our GRP kiosk price list:


GRP Kiosk Price List

Model/SKU#HeightWidthDepthPrice excl. tax

As all our GRP cabinets and kiosks are in stock in our own factory in Gloucester, your purchased items will be dispatched quickly and be received within five working days.

If you are interested in our products, drop us a message on the contact form. You can talk to one of our product experts at this number: +353 64 6632421, or place an immediate order.

You can also buy our products on our e-commerce website easily and quickly.

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