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Case study

Septic tank upgrade at Lurga National School

Tricel provides Novo wastewater treatment plant with a Sandcel sand polishing filter as a solution for a septic tank upgrade.

Following the decision to proceed with a classroom extension, Lurga National School was in need of a septic tank upgrade. After reviewing the requirements of the school and following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, civil engineer Brendan Slevin specified a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant followed by a Tricel Sandcel sand polishing filter.

Working alongside FVG Construction, Tricel supplied, delivered and installed the septic tank upgrade.

Lurga National School

About Lurga National School

Lurga National School was opened in 1884, the same year that the GAA was founded. Located in Gort, County Galway, it is one of the most southerly schools in this county. Lurga National School currently hosts more than 70 pupils along with seven teachers and staff.

The challenges of the project

Part of the project had to include a septic tank upgrade in order to accommodate both the extra classroom and the resulting additional pupils. This work had to be scheduled at the same time as the classroom extension was taking place.

To begin with, civil engineer Brendan Slevin, from Brendan Slevin & Associates Chartered Engineers, started working on the planning application for the extension. Before making his wastewater site recommendations he took into consideration the following:

Additionally, the site was also compact with no adjacent suitable percolation area. As a consequence, the restricted percolation area had to be located 170m away from the school and wastewater treatment plant.

How we helped

A suitable solution was found by combining the benefits of the Tricel Novo IRL 30 wastewater treatment plant (pumped) and a Sandcel sand polishing filter to suit both the percolation test results and site restrictions whilst meeting the EPA regulations.

The wastewater would flow from the school directly into the wastewater treatment plant. A pump included with the Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant would push the outlet effluent to the Tricel Sandcel sand polishing filter situated 170m away. The Sandcel 4800 tertiary treatment was chosen to cover the required area of 80 m2.

Once the planning application was successful, a tender was issued and applications were submitted by builders and contractors. It was FVG Construction & Maintenance Company Ltd who became the nominated contractor. With more than 20 years’ experience in building construction, the Galway based company contacted Tricel to discuss requirements, logistics and prices. They were very satisfied with the quality of Tricel cost-effective products and the services offered.

The results

As well as building the extension, FVG successfully installed the Tricel Novo IRL 30 and decommissioned the existing septic tank.
In addition to commissioning the Tricel Novo IRL 30, Tricel installed the Sandcel sand polishing filter and provided Brendan Slevin & Associates Chartered Engineers with the installation certificate and a copy of the certified sand used as per the EPA code of practice.

The septic tank upgrade at Lurga National School has been in place and working successfully since autumn 2016.

Panels assembled and tie rods fitted
First layer of sand, placed (0.15mm to 0.25mm) @ 150mm depth
First layer of pea gravel, placed (10mm to 32mm) @ 75mm depth
Base layer of gravel distribution layer and distribution pipework.
A final layer of gravel is in place.
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