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Dec 21, 2016

Introduction of new standard SR 66 for all domestic wastewater treatment plants of up to 50 PE

Tricel wastewater treatment plants are fully PIA GmBH certified and compliant with the new Standard Regulations (SR66) for all domestic wastewater treatment plant installations. From January 1st, all work undertaken in relation to domestic wastewater treatment plants (WWT) within Ireland will have to comply with the requirements of SR 66. The introduction of SR66 Certification provides guidance to WWT plant producers, homeowners and general builders and highlights which plants are eligible for use within Ireland.

Technical Guidance Document Part H -Drainage and Waste Water Disposal of the Building Regulations 2010 was amended in July 2016 to call up the requirements S.R. 66:2015 – Standard Recommendation providing guidance to wastewater treatment products in compliance with the EN 12566 series of standards. This amendment has made the requirements set out in S.R. 66 compulsory as of the 1st of January 2017 when installing a Small wastewater treatment plant in Ireland.

Tricel Products certified to S.R. 66 include Tricel Septic tanks and Wastewater treatment systems.

Septic tanks

  • Tricel Fortis
  • Tricel Vento

Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Tricel Novo
  • Tricel Puraflo with Fortis
  • Tricel Puraflo with Vento

The new certification outlines the minimum performance test result and requirements related to scaling and sludge capacity for plants tested to EN12566 series of standards to be suitable for use in the Republic of Ireland.

It is of the utmost importance to consult all relevant legislation, Standard Recommendations and Technical Guidance documents when undertaking an installation project for all types of wastewater and sewage treatment.

A committee produced the Standard Recommendation 66 (S.R. 66) made up of technical experts and published in 2015. This included members of the National Standards Authority of Ireland Wastewater Engineering Standards Committee. Conversely, this new S.R. does not include requirements for the suitable tertiary treatment for WWT which is necessary for some domestic plant applications.

Technical Guidance Documents are published to accompany each element of Irish Building Regulations. The responsibility for compliance with such requirements rests primarily with designers, the owners of buildings and builders. This Standard Recommendation provides criteria for consideration when choosing a WWT plant for installation in an Irish domestic setting (<50 PE).

The reasoning behind this latest amendment is to provide structured guidelines for designers, manufacturers and plant installers. These requirements outlined are necessary when selecting a wastewater treatment system for installation; this includes any applied to usage of up to 50 PE.

These criteria align with the appropriate part of the IS EN 12566 series of standards and code of practice as published (2009) by the Environmental Protection Agency entitled ‘Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses PE<10’. The I.S. EN 12566 set out a series of laboratory-based tests, required by all wastewater treatment plants to be CE marked. Such testing takes place at an EU nominated test centre and target areas such as treatment efficiency and plant structural integrity.

PIA GmBH, a notified test laboratory in Germany, have tested and certified Tricel wastewater treatment tanks for use in the Irish market. Contact our sales team today for all wastewater treatment queries.