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March 31, 2017

Taoiseach Visits Tricel Headquarters and Praises Success and Job Creation

There was an exciting atmosphere at the Tricel headquarters this week as Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, was on site to view the facilities. During an address to staff, Mr Kenny spoke of the positive impact that companies such as Tricel play in the ongoing strengthening of the Irish economy by both consolidating the country’s role in the export market and the resulting job creation.

Tricel’s continued success has brought about ongoing expansion within European markets. Company growth resulted in over 65 new job positions last year. This momentum continued, with a further 31 positions created in the first quarter of 2017. These employment opportunities focus on Ireland, the UK and in France. An array of skilled jobs is currently on offer at the company headquarters based in Killarney, Ireland.

The positions are available in Marketing, IT, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Business and Sales. Also on offer are excellent positions for Graduates and Undergraduates.  Taoiseach praised Tricel’s use of insightful business strategy to fuel company growth within a range of European markets. He highlighted how innovative strategy planning positioned the group in a prominent seat in markets both at home and abroad.

This visit was a result of his official attendance at the company signing of a contract agreement with France in 2015. The contract came about due to opportunities involving the Cleantech and Construction sectors in the highly competitive French market. Mr Kenny’s presence at the event is a testament to the value and importance that the Irish Government places on the country’s economic and trade relationships with outside markets.

Tricel, formally branded as Killarney Plastics, was initially formed in 1973. The company is to this day a wholly Irish owned and family run enterprise. In the beginning, the primary focus of the business was to produce dependable, durable and high-quality composite and fibreglass resin (GRP) products. While the company grew and expanded, it began to specialise in providing very technical items created from this innovative material.

As the demand for specialised custom designed products grew, Tricel began to focus on incorporating industrial divisions such as Water, Construction, Environmental and Distribution into its target markets. This approach was highly successful, and today the company has 12 operating locations throughout Europe. From these locations the group supply products to 50 countries globally and currently employs 350 staff, and with the current rate of expansion, this figure could reach 600 by the year 2020. Tricel purchased three new companies last year and are currently opening a second French location based in Avignon.

Tricel’s is one of Ireland’s, and the UK’s, leading distributors of composite materials and produces a broad portfolio of offerings. This portfolio includes ranges of professional fibreglass products including kits for both the marine and automotive industries, flat roofing kits and automotive crash repair products. The company also supply the construction industry with a line of road safety products, meter boxes (both gas and electricity), GRP enclosures, kiosks and much more.

Furthermore, Tricel is likewise an established market leader in the supply of Water Tanks and Environmental products such as Waste Water Treatment (WWT) systems and Septic Tanks. The company leads the way in Water Storage solutions in the areas of both commercial and industrial projects. Recent projects include the installation of eleven large-scale sectional Water Storage tanks on site at Pairc Ui Chaoimh stadium in Cork, as well as the manufacture, shipping and supervision of installation of tanks up to the capacity of 810,000 Litres in Qatar in preparation for the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

With over 40 years of successful operations, Tricel is today a global brand with the technical expertise and knowledge to deliver innovation based cutting-edge product solutions.