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Aug 10,2018

Tricel Launch Apprenticeship Programme

Tricel is delighted to announce the launch of its new duel stream apprenticeship programme which will begin in October of this year. Participants are to receive training in the application of the latest industry technical knowledge and engineering skill-sets within manufacturing.

This opportunity is ideal for school leavers or existing Production Operators and Technicians who wish to train or retrain, in the most up to date requirements for the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Programme, successful trainees will be awarded a National Framework Qualification (NFQ) to Level 6 or Level 7.

The Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship (Level 6) is a two-year programme resulting in a Higher Certificate in Engineering. Additionally, the Manufacturing Engineer Apprenticeship (Level 7) is a three-year undertaking, and successful participants receive a Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing. Tricel will provide apprentices with specialised industry-specific training.

In addition, these new training programmes are crucial to ensuring the continued delivery of talent needed for the ongoing operational and strategic growth of today’s rapidly expanding manufacturing industry. Each stream is designed to align with growing industry demand, to tackle skill shortage issues and to ensure excellent career progression.

In order to be eligible, you require a Leaving Certificate, or equivalent, Grade 6 at ordinary level in five subjects, two of which must be Math’s and a language (English or Irish). Each participant will complete the required learning modules which alternate between on-site practical training under the guidance of seasoned professionals at our facilities and learning theory-based elements off-site in a college setting.

Consequently, the college block release consists of 15 weeks per year attending one of the participating Institutes of Technology. Contracts for the 2018 enrollment begin in October, with the academic block release element starting in January of 2019. Equally important, each block release will get balanced with on-site practical training from Tricel industry experts and technical coaches.

For any further information regarding these fantastic opportunities, please contact the Tricel HR team directly at hr@ie.tricel.eu