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10 June 2022

Tricel Composites, part of the Tricel Group, is delighted to announce its latest acquisition of MID GlassFibre Supplies Ltd into the Distribution Division.

Founded by Liam and Jacqueline Phelan, this company is well established and respected in the Irish market. It is strategically located in Dublin to complement our already solid position in distributing composite materials on the Island of Ireland. By acquiring a company specialising in marine and roofing, we further strengthen our presence in this industry.

As part of the Group’s growth strategy, this acquisition follows the recent acquisition of BioKube in Denmark and two acquisitions in the French market.

Tricel Composites and MID GlassFibre Supplies Acquisition Announcement

Commenting on the acquisition: Liam Phelan said: “We are delighted to have found the perfect partner in Tricel and to have the opportunity to further expand our operations within the Irish market.”

As Sean Ward, Managing Director of Tricel Composites NI, said, “To accelerate our development in Ireland, we have chosen to partner with MID GlassFibre Supplies Ltd, a major player in distributing composite materials with whom we share a similar corporate culture. With this acquisition, the company significantly strengthens its technical capabilities and composite distribution business in Ireland.”

Robbie Larkin, Head of Distribution, said: “This acquisition forms part of the distribution growth strategy to strengthen our position as industry leaders. We are delighted to welcome Liam and his team to the Tricel Group and look forward to growing this business over the coming years”.

About Tricel Composites

Tricel Composites has operated in the UK and Ireland for more than 60 years and provides composite products and technical solutions. The company sources composite materials for various uses, including sheet-moulding compound processes, RTM, hand layup, and spraying. Tricel’s experience and product knowledge enable us to identify and source the best composite components. Having UK and Irish depots enables us to obtain the appropriate composite materials quickly and efficiently, as we are primarily positioned for local and national supply.

For more information, visit the Tricel Composites website.

About Tricel group

Tricel is a family-run business started in 1973 by Anne Stack & Con Stack out of a small lane in Killarney. The company initially produced products from glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) for the local community. Through a comprehensive growth strategy throughout the ’90s and ’00s, the company expanded its exports, followed by several successful acquisitions to establish manufacturing facilities throughout the UK and Europe.

Tricel, led by the Stack family, offers market-leading solutions to over 50 countries. Markets that the company serves include storage tanks, pumps, sewage treatment tanks, construction products, and lubricant distribution.

The Tricel Group, which has its headquarters in Killarney, comprises of 12 companies across Europe, with six manufacturing operations. It employs more than 600 people at these locations. The company has grown domestically and internationally through local manufacturing, exports, distribution agreements with local partners, and selective acquisitions of companies that enhance its product capabilities and geographic reach.

As a result of its 50 years of successful operations, the company has established leading market positions in both the wastewater and water storage market. In the next five years, the company’s roadmap for growth will continue to be based on three main pillars: Customer Excellence, Innovation & Sustainability.

Tricel Generations of Innovation
Tricel Composites and MID GlassFibre Supplies Acquisition