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IP 43 commercial meter boxes kioskTricel manufactures a wide range of Glass Reinforced Fibre (GRP) kiosks which can be supplied with either one or two compartments within the construct. These units come complete with a singular door, or two independent doors with individual lock systems. Each unit is designed to be weatherproof, corrosion free and vandal resistant.

The GRP construction of each unit means that they are high strength units which prevent theft or the tampering of equipment which is stored within. Each unit can be produced to a requested colour scheme. They are also suited to post-production painting due to the nature of the GRP product. Each unit has an extremely durable finish and are strong, versatile enclosures. The singular unit GRP Kiosks offer safe housing for a range of equipment for various uses, such as; flow meters, data logging, radio telemetry, battery packs and many more.


kiosks & commercial meter boxes IP43The kiosks are suitable for:


  • Low voltage switchgear
  • Control gear assemblies
  • Meters
  • Compressors

Theys have also a high impact resistance up to 20 Kilojoules and a double insulation and electrically non-conductive (1000V).

These are IP43 rating, which means that they are weather resistant with attributes below:

  • Minimum water absorption
  • Reliable UV protection
  • Advisable to use from -30°C to 120°C
  • Corrosion resistant

All our commercial meter boxes IP43 kiosks are suited for electrical and commercial use. Complies with the international standard for empty enclosures as applied to low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies (IEC 62208:2011).

Specifications: The kiosks can be easily painted but are supplied in grey colour (Ral 7035). They are also supplied with a back mounting plate (made out of polyester), hinges (on the right side of the doors) and keys (triple lock system).

Dimensions: This product is available in different sizes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want further information about those products. You can also visit our online store if you want to purchase one of this product.

commercial meter boxes ip43





Product code222167

Dimensions: 750mm (h) x 500mm (w) x 300mm (d).


Contact us for further details or visit our online store.


IP43 Kiosk 1000 x 750 x 300

Product code222168

Dimensions: 1000mm (h) x 750mm (w) x 300mm (d).



For further details please contact us. If you want to purchase this product you can visit our online store.

Product code222169



Dimensions: 500mm (h) x 750mm (w) x 300mm (d).



If you want more information about the product please don’t hesitate to contact us or to visit our online store.

IP 43 commercial meter boxes

Product code222170

Dimensions: 750mm (h) x 750mm (w) x 300mm (d).


For more information, you can contact directly our sales team or visit our online store.


Product code222171

Dimensions: 500mm (h) x 500mm (w) x 300mm (d).


For further details please contact us. Please visit our online store.

Our double compartment GRP Kiosk units are compatible for the integration of mains power cables, electricity meter circuit breakers, switches and AC/DC converters. This is just a sampling of uses as the units can be applied to a wide range of industry applications, indoors and out. A similar construction process is used for both our gas meter box and electric meter box products, which have long been favoured among industry leaders such as ESB and Bord Gais.

One of the primary benefits of any GRP product is the lifespan which it offers as they can remain operational over an extremely large time period. The only required maintenance is the slight lubrication of the hinges and the locking system to assure continued optimised use. This elongated lifespan and low maintenance results directly in cost saving over time when compared with units manufactured from other materials, as they have little or no lifetime costs.

These units are also non-conductive, durable, and weather, water and chemical resistant. The construction process, and materials used, make these units extremely versatile and adaptable. Each structure also offers a natural sound dampener to louder mechanical systems which may be housed within.

The high strength to weight ratio of GRP, and its non-conductive qualities, makes it a popular choice amongst consumers. It is also a more affordable solution in comparison to more traditional materials, all of which makes it an ideal choice for the majority of commercial and industrial based applications.

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