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Tricel Novo IE 6+

Tricel Novo IE6+

The Tricel Novo IE 6+ is an outstanding wastewater treatment system.

This system is suitable for a 4-bedroom home. The Novo is reliable, easy to install, and simple to maintain for all of your wastewater treatment needs.

It complies with all EU wastewater regulations, including EN12566-3 CE Certification & S.R. 66, giving you peace of mind that you have a high-quality product.

How a Tricel Novo Works

Stage 1: The wastewater travels to the primary settlement chamber.

Here, the heavier solids drop to the bottom of the chamber, separating from the liquids. The lighter solids float to the top and harden, creating a seal to prevent any odour from escaping. 70% of solids are separated in the stage.

Stage 2: This stage takes place in the aeration chamber.

Naturally occurring bacteria inhabiting specially designed plastic filter media break down the waste, removing it from the liquid. Wastewater passes through the filter media over and over again, purifying the wastewater.

Stage 3: The wastewater flows to the final settlement chamber.

Any remaining bacterial particles separate from the liquid. Any final impurities fall to the bottom of the system and are then pumped back to the primary settlement system. At the end, the remaining liquid now meets the required standards and is ready for discharge to a suitably designed discharge area.

Features and Benefits of Tricel Novo IE 6+ Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • The Tricel Novo requires less than 5m squared ground clearance.
  • It is a compression moulded SMC (sheet moulding compound) tank. The compression moulding process is one of the most technologically developed processes to produce structural composites. They are much stronger than GRP or Polyethylene tanks.
  • No concrete backfill for installation on most sites saving up to €400 over lower quality GRP/plastic competitors.

Tricel Novo IE 6+ Specifications

  • Dimensions – Length 2.6m x Width 1.64m x Height 2.24m
  • Weight while empty – 300kg
  • Inlet invert to base – 1.375m
  • Outlet invert to base – 1.3m
  • Inlet invert to ground level – 0.535m

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If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you

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If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you