Wastewater treatment plants
Tricel Novo IE6+
It complies with all EU wastewater regulations, including EN12566-3 CE Certification & S.R. 66, giving you peace of mind that you have a high-quality product.

Wastewater treatment plants

Tricel Novo IE6+  How does it Work?

This system is suitable for a 4-bedroom home. The Novo is reliable, easy to install, and simple to maintain for all of your wastewater treatment needs.

Stage 1: The wastewater travels to the primary settlement chamber.

Here, the heavier solids drop to the bottom of the chamber, separating from the liquids. The lighter solids float to the top and harden, creating a seal to prevent any odour from escaping. 70% of solids are separated in the stage.

Stage 2: This stage takes place in the aeration chamber.

Naturally occurring bacteria inhabiting specially designed plastic filter media break down the waste, removing it from the liquid. Wastewater passes through the filter media over and over again, purifying the wastewater.

Stage 3: The wastewater flows to the final settlement chamber.

Any remaining bacterial particles separate from the liquid. Any final impurities fall to the bottom of the system and are then pumped back to the primary settlement system. At the end, the remaining liquid now meets the required standards and is ready for discharge to a suitably designed discharge area.

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Features and Benefits of Tricel Novo IE 6+ Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • The Tricel Novo requires less than 5m squared ground clearance.
  • It is a compression moulded SMC (sheet moulding compound) tank. The compression moulding process is one of the most technologically developed processes to produce structural composites. They are much stronger than GRP or Polyethylene tanks.
  • No concrete backfill for installation on most sites saving up to €400 over lower quality GRP/plastic competitors.

Tricel Novo IE 6+ Specifications

  • Dimensions – Length 2.6m x Width 1.64m x Height 2.24m
  • Weight while empty – 300kg
  • Inlet invert to base – 1.375m
  • Outlet invert to base – 1.3m
  • Inlet invert to ground level – 0.535m

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Interact with the Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Click on the numbers to see the annotations.
  • You can also switch between the treatment process stages (yellow circle at the bottom left-hand corner) and the anatomy of the Novo (green circle at the bottom left-hand corner).
  • To view in Virtual Reality (VR), click the square at the top right-hand corner and simply scan the QR code with your phone.
  • To check the dimensions, click on the spanner icon.
  • To download an image of the Novo, click on the camera icon (top right-hand corner)


Finally, you can also visit THE LAB by Tricel to view the Novo in a Virtual Showroom, interact with 3D models, view images and product videos.


Ease of installation


What is PE ?

PE represents the initials of Population Equivalent. Population equivalent: conversion value which aims at expressing non-domestic applications in terms of domestic loading based on 1 person creates 60 g/day BOD5 and 150l/day. (Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e. < 10), EPA)

Different products sold by Tricel

Tricel Novo & Vitae: Both are wastewater treament plant solutions manufactured by Tricel. Wastewater treatment plants offer a superior quality of treatment. For example, the Tricel Novo comprises of three independent wastewater treatment zones and offers an average of efficiency of 95.9% BOD removal.
This is a higher treatment standard than the effluent from a septic tank. Please note: all wastewater treatment plants used in Ireland must comply with the EN12566-3 standard and all septic tanks must comply with the EN12566-1 standard..

Tricel Vento: The septic tank from Tricel is manufactured as a primary treatment. Designed for the settlement of your effluent. This product may need an additional treatment like the Sandcel or Puraflo.


More Details

Tricel warranties

Most Tricel products have a warranty. To discover all the guarantees on our products, as well as on the internal parts, consult our dedicated product pages.

Certifications for Tricel wastewater treatment systems

The Tricel wastewater treatment plants comply with the European Standard EN12566, S.R. 66, and with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Code of Practice. Click below for more details about the certifications.

Maintenance on the wastewater treatment systems

Tricel recommends that you maintain your device to the fullest. You are obliged by law to avoid all types of pollution or nuisances. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our service contracts. An annual maintenance contract may be offered.

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