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Case study

Residential sewage treatment plant installation

Tricel and Depawater provide residential sewage treatment for a new build in Newry, Co Down, Northern Ireland.


The project & its challenges

During the autumn of 2017, Depawater received an inquiry from a homeowner who required pricing on a wastewater treatment plant for his new four-bedroom bungalow. The self-build project was well underway; indeed, the percolation test had already been carried out, and the consent to discharge approved. Following the initial phone call, a site visit got carried out and the price quickly agreed.

How we helped

The results of the site visit identified the Tricel Novo UK6 Plus domestic sewage treatment plant (gravity) as the best solution. This plant works in conjunction with a percolation area installation consisting of four 10m (L) x 600mm (W) x 600mm (H) trenches. Inside each of these four trenches is a 100mm twin-wall surround of perforated pipe covered in 150mm of cleaned/washed bluestone.

The Novo is the sewage treatment plant which most suited the requirements of the client’s site. It was also the preferred choice of the homeowner due to reliability, cost-effectiveness, CE certification, low running cost and its quick and easy to install process.

Step by step guide to a residential sewage treatment plant installation

1. The Tricel Novo UK6 Plus arrives on site as per schedule. The homeowner arranged the mini digger on-site and was ready to begin installation of the new treatment plant immediately.

Arrival of Tricel Novo UK6 Plus on site

2. A small hole is excavated to fit the dimensions of the Novo UK6 Plus. Concrete backfill got used in this case upon the homeowner’s request, but which wasn’t necessary as the ground conditions were excellent.

A small hole was excavated to fit the Novo UK6 plus

3. As per the building control specifications, utility holes and back inlet gully traps got installed in place around the dwelling.

Manholes and back inlet gully traps put in place

4. Three cubic yards of semi-dry concrete is then used to backfill the hole.

Semi dry concrete was used to backfill the hole

5. The semi-dry concrete is leveled to ensure the tank gets situated in a level position.

The semi dry concrete is leveled

6. The angle of the pipe coming into the tank from the dwelling is checked to ensure it connects correctly (at the same level as the invert level on the tank).

The level of the pipe is checked

7. Installers position the tank into place. Constructed from SMC material, the Tricel Novo UK 6 Plus weighs only 300kg, which is lighter and stronger than plastic alternatives. Installation is a simple process requiring a small digger.

The tank is fitted into place

8. Once installed, the level is re-checked to ensure correct positioning.

Re-checking the level

9. The tank is filled with water, ready to start up. After the electrical connection, the system is immediately operational.

Filling each chamber with clean water

10. The tank is buried in the semi-dry concrete to secure and stabilize its position. Semi-dry concrete is optimal in wet site conditions. Otherwise, 20mm gravel for backfill will suffice.

Tank is buried in the semi dry concrete

11. The tank is now covered with topsoil, leaving the access points for servicing and de-building.

Tank is now covered with topsoil

12. The installation is complete! Quick, easy & efficient.

The installation is complete

The results

In total, it took just three days to complete the whole installation of the residential sewage treatment plant. Including:

  • Creating the percolation area
  • Installation of the tank
  • Installation of all the pipe works around the house
  • The commissioning of the tank.

The project ran smoothly, without any issues, the choice of the tank (Tricel Novo) was also crucial for the ease of installation. The short timeline from the first call, to the installation of the residential sewage treatment plant, was successfully met.

Depawater quickly delivered the clients solution. As the Tricel Novo range is readily available in stock, the customer’s requirements for a speedy and dependable resolution got met easily.

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